Dating stones

The sea floor fossils are still upright in the ground and match one specific place I keep circling back to while researching and that is the Jurassic coast. Some of the stone tools have fossilized coral over the percussion markings.

Karahundj 6: Dating the Stones: When were they erected

Previous Page You might also like. Share Your Story, Join the Discussion or Seek Advice. Add a Comment Does anyone out there have any idea of who might be the premier Archeometrist in the Pacific Northwest.

Dating stones

High heat changes the stone to have a magnetic field directionally more like that of the earth. Upon cooling the magnetic field will become locked. This process is only useful on objects that have not been moved, such as fire.

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Dating stones

I am almost certainly convinced that they are in fact an as yet to be documented point technology and most certainly older than any recognized in this particular cut of the world.

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Oxygen isotope dating

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