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Rounds of this design can be attributed to the late 1860s and several decades beyond. A typical example is the.577 Snider. AUXILIARY CARTRIDGE or CHAMBER - An adaptive device which may superficially resemble a cartridge but which, in reality, is.

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The primer contained both the priming mixture and an anvil. This system is used in most modern U.S. centerfire cartridges. BRONZE POINT (BULLET ) - A separate bronze wedge was fitted to the point of the bullet of various big-game.

End dating ammo

CANNELURE (S) - The circumferential swaged, machined or milled groove(s) around a bullet (for sealing; also often for identification) or cartridge case. Often used to provide visual or tactile identification of special loadings of military ammunition.

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End dating ammo

CASE LENGTH - The longest measurement of a cartridge case. CASELESS CARTRIDGE - Usually refers to relatively modern cartridges wherein the case is molded solid propellant with an attached projectile and primer.

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